the MOANS - From Underground

Image of the MOANS - From Underground


Our first full length album on compact disc. 15 tracks of punk rock n' roll recorded, mixed, and mastered at Hypnotone Studios in Sacramento, CA by Ted Angel (Mr.T Experience).

*It comes with an exclusive one inch button.

1. Suicide Do-Over
2. The Theme Song
3. Silver Bullet
4. We Come In Pieces
5. Poor Poor Igor
6. Hallowe’en With Too Many Yous
7. Bathroom Mirror
8. Date At The Haunted Mansion
9. Rock n’ Roll Horror Show
10.Ronald Raygun
11.Working Class Demon
12.Have They Come To Eat Our Brains?
13.Party At The Insane Asylum
14.The TV Made Me Do It
15.Voodoo Mama Juju